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Mat station 10 boxes

Mat station 10 boxes

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A beautiful organizer in the same material as the beading rugs, with the engraved letters from A to J, specially designed for Bijou De Ré.

Convenient for storing miyuki beads during weaving, taking them from one piece of furniture to another without risking mixing everything up and successfully creating my diagrams (or others!)

The underside is quite soft as it is felt, it should be placed on a table or on a large book if working on the knees.

Dimensions of the tray:
XXL: 40.0cm*28.0*0.8cm (15.7''*10.3''*0.3'')
Large: 29.0cm * 20.3cm * 0.8cm (11.4'' * 8.0'' * 0.3'')
Compact: 20cm * 15cm * 0.8cm

Dimensions of the interior boxes:
XXL: 4.1cm*2.8cm (1.6''*1.1'')
Wide: 3.0cm*2.0cm (1.2''*0.8'')
Compact: 2cm*1.5cm

Fast and neat shipment by letter followed anywhere in the world.

The colors will depend on what I have in stock but if you have a special request, do not hesitate to let me know when you order.

Thank you for making the little artisans work!
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