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DB0795 - Dyed Opq Vermilion Matted

DB0795 - Dyed Opq Vermilion Matted

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DB0795 - Dyed Opq Vermilion MattedDelicas 11.0

These small glass cylinders are perfect for all your bead weaving projects.

Are you looking to start a big project or just need a small amount to complete the project you are working on? In all cases. Bijou de Ré can meet your needs.

Each color is weighed individually. packaged in a resealable plastic bag and is labeled with the number of grams you ordered as well as the color number.

11/0 Delicas

2 grams - approximately 400 pearls

5 grams - approximately 1000 beads

8 grams - approximately 1600 beads

Each bead measures approximately 1.27mm x 1.6mm

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