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Nomadic bead organizer 21 compartments

Nomadic bead organizer 21 compartments

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A beautiful organizer with engraved letters specially designed by Bijou De Ré.

Custom-made mat inserted in a resealable plastic box.

Practical for storing miyuki beads while weaving, moving them from one piece of furniture to another or even in your handbag without risking mixing everything up and successfully creating my diagrams (or others!)

Dimensions of the tray:

Depth of boxes: 2 mm

Quick and neat delivery.

The colors will depend on what I have in stock but if you have a special request, do not hesitate to let me know when you order.

Thank you for putting the little craftsmen to work!

nb: the pearls are not supplied with the box but are available for sale by the gram on

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Customer Reviews

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Jean Colbear
Dans l'ensemble, un bon produit

Le rangement des perles dans l'organisateur ne pose pas trop de problèmes, bien que chaque section soit assez petite. En revanche, il est beaucoup plus difficile de remettre les perles dans leur contenant de rangement. En dehors de cela, l'organisateur est solide et bien fait et facilitera sans aucun doute les déplacements avec un projet.