Naissance de la BBbox et du BBmat ! vidéo en ligne :)

Birth of the BBbox and the BBmat! video online :)

Dear reader of my Blog, dear customer of a day or always, hello!

It has now been 3 years since I launched my first beading tray. At the time, it was all made of wood, and it must be admitted that it was not very practical for catching pearls. Well, for most of us!

Since then, I have worked on the product taking your comments into account and have improved it so that it is a true weaving friend for you. Including including a weaving mat.

And the idea came to me to give it a little name 🙂

So today I announce the birth of the BBbox and the BBmat!

A small demonstration video is online here. I let you discover it!

The BBBox and the BBMat are available for sale.

And thank you again for your comments, advice, opinions that allow me to improve and innovate, my goal being to satisfy you and allow you to weave more easily!

And of course, if you have ideas for variations, specific desires, other tools to develop… do not hesitate to contact me so that I can study your idea.

See you soon and be well!


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