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Your best achievements

Hello to you !

You know I love seeing the results of my charts. It is always a great pleasure for me to discover them, whether on Instagram, on the Facebook group or on the private messages you send me. Some of you share a lot of photos, sometimes on other Facebook groups, which helps promote Bijou de Ré. It’s really adorable, thank you !!!

I must admit that I like less copies, especially when it is to be sold without authorization, but as I say to my friend Coeur Citron: if they copy, it’s because it’s beautiful!

Today, I want to share with you your best achievements, well especially those that caught my eye, both for the quality of the weaving and for the staging.

The selection was very difficult, this article will, I hope, be alive and without doubt supplemented by your future achievements!

See you soon and good discovery



Colette’s frames, dolls and Parisians:

The dolls superbly staged by Coeur Citron:

Debbie’s Disney dolls and the super-woven version of Estelle:

The pretty frames of Muriel on the theme of Parisiennes:

Naïk’s achievements:

Aurélie’s pretty Parisians:

Muriel’s fox:

Gisy’s Russian doll:

Babeth’s pretty staging:

Beancraftloft portraits and mini characters:

The beautiful Harlequin of Caticoud:

Ladyfelys’ hot dolls


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