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The dolls’ saga!

Some of you have asked me if it was possible to have a quick view of all the dolls made since the beginning of the Bijou de Ré adventure.

So I prepared this little “tool” which allows you to have an overview of all the dolls. I will update it regularly. You can then use the Search tool on the left side in the shop and enter the number of the doll you want.

I have to say, it makes me weird watching this retrospective. Each doll has its own story, inspired by a trip, a request for personalization …. I am happy with the result!

See you soon for the next ones and if you have any wishes, do not hesitate to send me a little message in the comment of this post!


3 thoughts on “The dolls’ saga!

  1. Hello, Your dolls are beautiful, You are very talented person. My favourite are numer: 51, 94, 98 of course 😀 and 126 – maybe because I’m a teacher 😉
    I have one question, do You have w special program on computer to make the pattern? Or You just draw the dolls on a schema? on a paper?
    They are really beautiful! Greetings, Beata 😉

    1. Hello Beata, and thank you !! yes i use a software to draw my patterns

  2. Olá, fiquei encantada com seu trabalho. Parabéns!!

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