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The advent calendar coming soon!

Soon the end of the year!

Bijou de Ré and Coeur Citron have created an Advent calendar for you; the idea was born in July and we worked on it with a lot of pleasure.

The principle is simple:

25 days

25 patterns

25 colours

25 euros

There are therefore 25 weaving diagrams including:

– 10 small subjects, measuring approximately 3 cm high. For example, you can stick them on clothespins to make glass brands, very useful in this period of Covid.

– 12 larger models, measuring between 5 and 6 cm high intended to be hung in your Christmas tree, but can be used to decorate supports from your imagination (brooch or flowerpot, table placement for example)

– 3 panoramas of Christmas landscapes to make candle towers or napkin rings.

The calendar will go on sale on November 1st on our websites.

You will have 2 possibilities:

– either immediately receive all 25 diagrams

– or receive the diagrams day after day from November 20 (1 per day) to have a surprise in your mailbox to weave each day.

We will just ask you not to divulge any photos of your achievements before December 25 in order to preserve the surprise for others!

Every day, from December 1st, we will be posting photos of our staged weavings and yours (if you wish of course)! They will also be available for sale individually, between 1.5 and 4 euros per unit.
For those who would like to have a view of all the diagrams before ordering, send us a little email and we will send you a global view of the 25 models (but shhh! I count on your discretion)

Finally, a bead kit gathering the 25 colors necessary for the realization of the advent calendar is available for pre-order now here.

See you soon and be well!

Bijouderé & Cœur Citron 

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