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Summer sales and game contest at Bijou de Ré!

Hello !
It’s summer sale at Bijou de Ré !
Until July 23, get a:
15% rebate on ALL the Bijou de Ré store (patterns, tutorials, beads, bead organizers…) with no minimum order
with the code SUMMER
BONUS : if you buy something in the store during the sales, you will automatically be entered in the contest to win one of the 4 prizes (see below). There will also be 1 beading mat kit up for grabs so 5 people can win this month!
If you want to compete for a particular prize, please specify it when you place your order.
Results will be given on my blog in the shop on the 24th of July
Happy shopping, happy summer and stay safe!


I thank all the participants of my little contest to win one of the 5 prizes offered!! I just drew the 5 winners and they are:

  • Angela Breuchtein (GER) who wins the BB box
  • Nancy Humbert (USA) who wins the 19 square beading mat
  • Patricia Salaris (FR) who wins the 34 square beading rug
  • Christine Breton (FR) who wins the 10 square travel bead box
  • Sharron Ruesewald (USA) who wins a lot of beading mats

I invite the winners to contact me to collect their prize! Thank you all for your participation! and as usual, I will send out a surprise consolation diagram next week to thank everyone who participated.

Be well and see you soon!


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