Easter Booklet #2 beads kit


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Booklet number 2 is coming soon!

In collaboration with Coeur Citron, we have prepared a series of 12 exclusive diagrams (including a tutorial to make a mini Easter basket!)

You will be able to find the booklet on our various online stores from March 1, 2021. You can contact me to receive a preview of the diagrams before this date, but thank you for your discretion!

In the meantime, I offer you a special kit which contains all the beads (35 colors) necessary for weaving the models. You will find in this kit the following references:

Ref Design nb grams
DB0163 Opaque Green AB 1 g
DB0200 Opaque Chalk White 8 g
DB0203 Ceylon Lt. Yellow 1 g
DB0206 Opaque Salmon 3 g
DB0209 Opaque Lt. Gray Luster 1 g
DB0377 Metallic Dark Gray-Blue Matted 1 g
DB0389 Opaque Lt.Teracota Matted 1 g
DB0651 Opaque Squash Dyed 1 g
DB0654 Dyed Opaque Cranberry 1 g
DB0721 Opaque Yellow 2 g
DB0723 Opaque Dark Cranberry 1 g
DB0726 Opaque Dark Blue 1 g
DB0727 Opaque Lt. Siam 1 g
DB0732 Opaque Cream 2 g
DB0733 Opaque Chartreuse 1 g
DB0752 Opaque Orange Matted 1 g
DB0754 Opaque Pea Green Matted 3 g
DB0759 Opaque Turquoise Matted 2 g
DB0760 Opaque Lt. Sapphire Matted 3 g
DB0794 Opaque Sienna Matted Dyed 1 g
DB0797 Opaque Olive Matted Dyed 4 g
DB0798 Dyed Opq Capri Matted 2 g
DB0800 Opaque Rose Matted Dyed 2 g
DB1131 Opaque Pear 4 g
DB1132 Opaque Canary 1 g
DB1134 Opaque Currant 1 g
DB1376 Dyed Opaque Wine 2 g
DB1379 Dyed Opaque Violet 1 g
DB1513 Matte Opaque Light Salmon 1 g
DB1596 Matted Opaque Agate Blue AB 5 g
DB1832 Duracoat Galvanized Gold 1 g
DB2103 Duracoat Opq Lt Squash 1 g
DB2107 Duracoat Opq Cedar 2 g
DB2117 Duracoat Opq Carnation 1 g
DB2122 Duracoat Opq Catalina 3 g

Each color is weighed individually, packaged in a resealable plastic bag and is labeled with the corresponding number of grams as well as the color number.

Each bead measures approximately 1.27mm (hole to hole) x 1.60mm

Orders placed before February 22 will ship on March 1
Orders placed before March 1 will ship on March 8
Orders placed before March 8 will ship on March 15
Orders placed after March 15 will be delivered within 10 days

Please note, this kit does not contain the weaving charts which will be sold separately on this site from March 1st

Thank you to you and be well!

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Weight 90 g


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