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Happy with their first collaboration, Bijou de Ré and Cœur Citron do it again and offer you a series of diagrams on a seasonal theme: Valentine’s Day!

So that no one is forgotten, we have planned a series of varied weavings that you can offer to your lover, your children, your loved ones (or to keep for yourself 🙂)

There is something for every taste !

We therefore offer you 10 new diagrams, some of which are available in several colors, to allow you to test several shades around the theme of Valentine’s Day.

Feel free to send yourself a message if you want a preview of the diagrams!

The Lovebirds motif, the most challenging in this booklet, comes with an explanatory video tutorial that will give you peace of mind about complex diagrams.

Finally, we offer you a gourmet pearl palette, special Valentine’s Day, which will allow you to enrich your Miyuki collection while having fun.

We hope you enjoy our work, and see you very soon for the next Booklets!

Happy weaving and happy Valentine’s Day!


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