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Advent calendar beads kit 2020


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Soon the end of the year!

In collaboration with Coeur Citron, we have prepared an advent calendar that includes 25 unique models. This project, imagined in the heart of summer, will see the light of day on November 1, 2020 and you can find the calendar on our various online stores.

In the meantime, I am offering you a special kit which contains all the beads necessary for weaving the 25 models. You will find in this kit the following references (nearly 100g of pearls!):

ref / grammage
DB0010: 2g
DB0159: 2g
DB0160: 2g
DB0163: 2g
DB0167: 2g
DB0200: 15g
DB0207: 2g
DB0310: 2g
DB0354 (or DB0353): 2g
DB0357 (or DB0209): 4g
DB0723: 4g
DB0796: 6g
DB0797 (or DB2291 or DB0663): 6g
DB0880: 7g
DB1132 (or DB1562): 2g
DB1134 (or DB1584 or DB1910): 2g
DB1491 (or DB2101): 2g
DB1497 (or DB1507): 4g
DB1577 (or DB1596): 2g
DB1832 (or DB2501): 10g
DB2103 (or DB0651 or DB2104): 2g
DB2113 (or DB2115): 2g
DB2120: 4g
DB2274: 4g
DB2352: 2g

Each color is weighed individually, packaged in a resealable plastic bag and is labeled with the corresponding number of grams as well as the color number.

Each bead measures approximately 1.27mm (hole to hole) x 1.60mm

Attention, this kit does not contain the weaving charts which are sold separately on this site here

Thank you to you and be well!

Additional information

Weight 110 g


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