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Mulan completes the Disney doll series

Hello !

I designed my first doll inspired by Disney characters at the beginning of last year during a family trip to Morocco.

It was of course Jasmine. Soon after, a few other characters followed. Today, there are 25!

Here they are in retrospective photo with links to the diagrams sheets if you want to have fun and start or continue a small collection.

Jasmine (March 19, 2019), doll number 30. Today I am having fun watching the staging which could suggest a small problem with flatulence 🙂

The Evil Queen from Snow White, doll number 31, (March 30, 2019). It was my favorite cartoon when I was little and this character really scared me!

Snow White (April 3, 2019), doll number 33

Alice (April 7, 2019), doll number 34, of which Fabienne’s version, reproduced in more than 60 copies for the birth of her little girl Alice, is particularly close to my heart.

Elsa (April 13, 2019), for which I made 2 versions: one before the transformation, doll number 36 and one after the transformation, doll number 37

The Mad Hatter (June 10, 2019), doll number 53 initially in its portrait version, which will be closely followed by its standing version!

Mary Poppins (August 27, 2019), doll number 67

Aladdin, doll number 73, who joins Jasmine (September 4, 2019)

Rapunzel, doll number 82, (October 19, 2019)

Tinker Bell, doll number 87, (December 4, 2019), who will be quickly joined by Peter Pan, doll number 95, (December 29, 2019)

Anna, doll number 91, who joins her sister Elsa (December 11, 2019)

Beauty, doll number 103, (January 19, 2020)

Ariel, the little mermaid, doll number 104, (January 24, 2020) that I couldn’t resist weaving!

The collection of mini, especially to make earrings or pendants (January 27, 2020)

Rebel, doll number 110, (February 3, 2020)

Maleficent, doll number 113, (February 22, 2020)

Pocahontas, doll number 115, (March 18, 2020)

The 7 Dwarfs (June 6, 2020), all available here, who come to keep Snow White and the Evil Queen company

Cinderella, doll number 133, (July 1, 2020)

And finally Mulan, doll number 134, (August 23, 2020) which completes the series of my 25 characters on the theme of Disney.


Alors, qui sera le ou la prochaine ? Si vous avez des envies, dites-moi !

A bientôt



9 thoughts on “Mulan completes the Disney doll series

  1. Your designs are really great.

    1. Thank you ❤️

  2. These are amazing! So creative.

    1. Thank you Sheila !

  3. I like the Chinese one (the last one ). Can I buy the pattern through Etsy

    1. Hello ! My new patterns are only available on my website, here for this one :

  4. I am inspired to do the entire set, but my to-do list is already so lengthy!

  5. Such a talented lady, they are fantastic.

    1. Thank you Kala !

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