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Let’s go for the advent calendar!

Many of you have bought our advent calendar imagined with Coeur Citron, thank you thank you! We hope that this will allow you to have a good time and to decorate your Christmas table and your tree nicely.

And well done for those who ordered with their eyes closed and will receive one surprise per day for 25 days.

Every day, this article will be completed with a photo, hoping to see many more in the comments of this blog or on social networks!

Here we go !

DAY 1 – The red bird

DAY 2 – The Snowman

DAY 3 – The Snowflake

DAY 4 : The Red Lantern

DAY 5 : The small christmas tree

DAY 6 :  The Christmas Village

DAY 7 : The Christmas Wreath

DAY 8 : the Sock

DAY 9 : Gingerbread man

DAY 10 : the heart

DAY 11 : Christmas train

DAY 12 : the owl

2 thoughts on “Let’s go for the advent calendar!

  1. Love the little bird. Is the a pattern available.

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