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January contest: win a nice prize!

Hello to you !

I hope you are well in this beautiful month of January.

Here, it’s Omicron party: out of 5 at home, we are 4 positive. A lot of fever and body aches for me then a big fatigue for 4 days but we will say that it could be much worse!!

So I’m a bit late to offer you the January contest with the following prizes to be won:

  • a bead mat size XXL 81 squares (my favorite)
  • an XL size bead mat station
  • a complete kit to bead a Geisha doll
  • a nomadic bead carpet

For the winners, possibility of exchanging the diagrams or the board if you already have them of course!
There will also be 1 beading mat kit given away so you can win 5 people this month!

You have until Monday, January 31 midnight to make a purchase in my little Bijou de Ré shop, anything, which pleases you (beads, wooden objects, diagrams, tutorials, bead organizers …)
And you will automatically be entered into the draw which will take place on Tuesday, February 1st.

If you wish to compete for a particular prize, specify it when ordering.

I will give here the names of the 5 winners. And of course, as usual, there will be a consolation prize for the losers.

Good luck and be well!



I thank all the participants of my little contest to win one of the 10 prizes offered!! I just drew the 10 winners and they are:

  • Pauline de Seixas who wins an XXL size bead mat
  • Catherine Lanore who wins an XL size beat mat station
  • Christine Bouillie who wins a complete kit to bead a Geisha doll
  • Julie Tettard who wins a nomadic bead mat
  • Eileen Hackett who wins a set of bead mats

I invite the winners to contact me to collect their prize! Thank you all for your participation! and as usual, next week I will send out a surprise diagram as a consolation prize to thank everyone who participated.

Be well and see you soon!



1 thought on “January contest: win a nice prize!

  1. I can’t believe I won a set of bead mats – How absolutely wonderful! I think it’s so incredible to have won, because what I ordered was an angel to commemorate a friend of mine, who passed some time ago of a brain tumor. She looked remarkably like the angel. The bead mats will be especially treasured as they will now be another memory of my dear friend. It will be as if she sits beside me as I bead. Thank you for making my day!!!! Please let me know if you need my address. Eileen

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