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Competition game! Win one of my prototypes

Hello to you dear reader of my blog!

You may know that I have been working for several months to offer you a lid solution for my wooden bead trays.

I am announcing today that I am approaching the technical solution!

The challenge was quite important for me: to be able to offer a box with a lid that closes well, aesthetic, at an affordable price and that is practical for you.

I think that within 15 days, I would have finished the design of this tray (with the help of my friend Romain) and will be able to offer it to you for sale, with the possibility of inserting pre-cut mini weaving mats in each one. boxes!

In the meantime, I’m putting my 2 prototypes of the day into competition. They are not perfect, and have some flaws, but I am pleased to be able to offer them to you. I will insert weaving rugs in each of the boxes.

I know you will put it to good use!

The principle of the competition is simple:

You have until midnight November 30 to make a purchase in my little shop, anything, which makes you happy. And you will automatically be entered in the draw which will take place on December 1st.

I will give the name of the 2 winners here and send them the tray (dimensions 22 x 32 cm) by mail next week.

A consolation prize will be provided for the losers 🙂

Good luck everyone and be well!


You were 110 to participate in my little contest to win one of my prototypes, thank you thank you !!

My 7 year old daughter Lisa drew lots for the winners and they are:

  • Sarah Smith from USA
  • Marjorie Turlan from France

I made 2 other prototypes this day with wooden cover and therefore decided to give them away too. Here are the 2 winners:

  • Lesley Burnett from UK
  • Corine Mat from France

Thank you all for your participation! I will send by the end of the week a little surprise consolation prize diagram to thank everyone for participating.

Take care and see you soon!


5 thoughts on “Competition game! Win one of my prototypes

  1. Hi I am Sara Smith – was I a winner or is there a SARAH Smith?

    1. Sorry for the H Sara ! of course you are the one!

      1. Oh wow! I’m so happy! Thank you!

  2. Bravo aux gagnants ! Dommage pour moi ! :p

  3. Hello and thank you Julie, I am a winner of the prototype , which I have just received, just love it thank you 🥰

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