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Christmas competition game!

Hello to you dear reader of my blog!

Today, I’m offering you a little competition for 3 very good reasons:

1 / My beading tray with lid is finally finalized with a technical solution that suits me perfectly! Thank you to my first buyers for their enthusiastic feedback!

2 / Tomorrow is December 24th and it’s … my birthday !!!

3 / And so the day after tomorrow is Christmas (but you already know that)!

For these 3 excellent reasons :), I am bringing into play my new wooden tray with mat and cover in XL version, a tray of 48 boxes in beading mat and a voucher of 25 euros for diagrams in my shop.

You have until December 25 midnight to make a purchase in my little shop, anything you like, which makes you happy. And you will automatically be entered in the draw which will take place on December 26th.

I will give here the name of the 3 winners.

And of course, there will be a consolation prize for the losers 🙂

Good luck everyone and be well!



Many of you took part in my little contest to win one of the 3 prizes offered, thank you thank you !!

My 7 year old daughter Lisa drew lots this morning for the winners and they are:

  • Sandrine Philippot from France who wins the wooden tray with mat and cover
  • Doris Aeschbacher from Switzerland who wins the 100% beadwork mat
  • Caroline Mc Cauley of the United States who wins the prize of 25 euros of diagrams

Thank you all for your participation! I will send out a little surprise consolation prize diagram by the end of the week to thank everyone for participating.

Be well and see you soon!


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  1. Et voilà moi c’est fait …. je l’aime ce père Noël la tête en bas et ce cœur a décliner dans plusieurs coloris 😁😘

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