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Booklet number 7 is available!

Hello and thank you again for the welcome you gave to our first 6 booklets!

After a well-deserved vacation, we are back with a theme that seemed to correspond well to both the revival of the new school year and the beginnings of autumn: the signs of the zodiac.

We offer you thirteen original diagrams, without any particular difficulties, and a series of small astrological signs to wear as a medal, keychain, grigri, or why not as earrings.

We have taken care to reduce the number of colors as much as possible in order to obtain a uniform result.

If you wish, you will find here a kit with all the beads that will allow you to make all the weavings in this booklet.

Finally, we have developed a palette around references that remind us of semi-precious stones, both by their texture and by their color.

The booklet is available here. Please send us a message if you would like a preview of the diagrams!

See you soon and be well!

Bijou de Ré and Coeur Citron

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