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Birthday contest!

Hello to you dear reader of my blog!

Today, January 9, Bijou de Ré is 3 years old !! Happy Birthday !

As you know that I love contests, this is the opportunity to organize a new one!

I therefore put into play:

1 / One of the jewels on sale in my shop (new section being filled!), The one that will please the lucky winner

2 / A beading mat organizer tray because I know you like them a lot :), thank you for your adorable feedback !!

3 / And 25 euros of diagrams to choose from in my shop!

You have until January 15 at midnight to make a purchase in my little shop, anything, which makes you happy. And you will automatically be entered into the draw which will take place on January 16.

I will give here the name of the 3 winners.

And of course, as usual, there will be a consolation prize for the losers.

Good luck everyone and be well!



I thank all the participants for my little luck to win one of the 3 prizes offered !!

My 7 year old daughter Lisa just picked the winners this morning and they are:

  • Véronique Michel who wins the jewel of her choice
  • Patricia Demeutre who wins the 100% beading mat tray
  • Jennifer Barclay who wins the 25 euros lot of diagrams

I invite the winners to contact me to claim their prize!

Thank you all for your participation! and as usual, i will send out a little surprise consolation prize diagram by the end of the week thanking everyone involved.

Be well and see you soon!


3 thoughts on “Birthday contest!

  1. Happy Birthday 🎁 I am new at brick stitch and looking forward to learning. You have fantastic designs.

    1. Thank you so much Evie !

  2. This was a fun contest! I have always enjoyed your patterns. Thanks for adding so many lovely patterns to my collection! <3

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