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August contest game: win a nice prize!

Hello to you !

Hope you are doing well in this lovely month of August.

For my part, the month has been very intense. I did my first artisans market in my village. It was nice, the opportunity to meet people. Thanks to Véronique, a loyal customer, for coming to visit !!
Lots of preparation, a little improvisation, stress too … but I’m glad I did.

We are also working with Coeur Citron on the next booklet which will be released on September 1st. This time, we have limited the number of colors to around twenty (a big effort for us!) Which will allow you to buy the bead kit if necessary.

And then, I also received material to be able to make the beading trays and mats myself, as well as a lot of objects that I had in mind for some time, in particular something to have a pretty way to display my jewelry, which could be durable, sober and elegant.

My first 100% wood jewelry organizer was therefore born on this day, it is available for purchase here if you like it. I already have some optimizations in mind and if the concept pleases, I hope there will be variations in the coming weeks!

This month, I decided to let you win:

  • an oukoumé wood and poplar jewelry organizer
  • a nomadic bead organizer
  • a kit to make Miss Paris number 42 that I particularly like

There will also be 2 bead mat kits involved in order to win 5 people!

You have until Tuesday, August 31, midnight to make a purchase in my little Bijou de Ré store, whatever makes you happy. And you will automatically be entered into the draw which will take place on Wednesday, September 1, the day of the release of our next booklet!

If you wish to compete for a particular lot, specify it when ordering.

I will give here the names of the 5 winners. And of course, as usual, there will be a consolation prize for the losers.

Good luck and be well!





I thank all the participants of my little contest to win one of the 5 prizes offered !! I just picked the winners and they are:

  • Stéphanie Bertani who wins the Parisian kit
  • Raphaelle Roux who wins the jewelry organizer
  • Estelle Godet who wins the pearl organizer
  • Laëtitia Galandon who wins a lot of weaving rugs
  • Julie David who wins a lot of weaving rugs

I invite the winners to contact me to claim their prize! Thank you all for your participation! and as usual, next week i will send out a surprise consolation prize diagram to thank everyone for participating.

Be well and see you soon!


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